Arwyn Astra is a 17 year old entrepreneur.  He is a homeschooled, self-taught artist who has a professional art portfolio circa 2014. He crafts his own music.


Arwyn desires to be a professional concept designer and illustrator.  Currently he is researching competitive art/animation projects to participate in upon graduating high school.


As a child he was constantly drawing and filling up notebook after notebook with doodles.  Although he never really considered his art as a primary vocation, he decided he wanted to make it a part of his daily world and spend the rest of his life doing it.

His mother accepted the idea but there were requirements to be met while in the process of fulfilling his dream.

His mother stated he must have classic education and the first two years of 'gen ed' at the collegiate level.  Additionally, his art must be lucrative; a daunting challenge in today's ease of the digital world.  "With God, anything is possible."  (Matthew 19:26)


His mother taught him basic digital organization skills to set up and store his art portfolio and physical works.  He created work for several small businesses; Love Coach Scott Catamas,, Dr. Stereo, Phat Phranks, Goodfella's, Valle Verde Animal Shelter and Arizona Rockstar Cheer and Tumble. Arwyn is trained as an assistant to his step-father with all things computer related regarding the network and the hardware.  Arwyn built a database for the shelter and used his Adobe software program, Adobe InDesign to properly format and type out a book.  From the formatting to the laborious typing and straight through hours of scanning and digital file organization, Arwyn persevered and was able to produce a print worthy book.


Arwyn was born in Waukesha, Wisconsin and raised in Las Vegas, Nevada until he was 10. When he became 11, his mother, sister and caretaker moved to Phoenix, Arizona.  In 2017, Arwyn's grandfather gifted his mother family land that has been in our hands dating all the way back to the American Civil War.  Arwyn now resides in his personal Appalachian forest high up on a mountain where some mornings he is literally walking the dog through clouds due to height.

































At the moment Arwyn is working on passing the West Virginia state mandated public school exams for the 12th grade to get his diploma.



If you want to capture an emotion inside your design idea, Arwyn is your go to artist.  His work will remind you of some of the greatest cartoonists of all time for his consistency and his attention to emotional structure of the body.  Arwyn's inspiration comes from time spent reading books, being outdoors and living within his world of music and creativity.  Life is all about balance and attitude.  Long periods spent at the computer are broken up with yoga, playing guitar, singing or beating dad in Magic the Gathering (or Pokémon).


Arwyn is an efficient chef and can prepare meals at any time of day and in every style whether baking, frying or toaster oven. :3


Arwyn's bed is never to be seen by the naked eye as it is buried beneath his stuffed animal army.































Arwyn's time spent in animal shelters reading to the cats or giving them love is tertiary only to his love of his own cats who grace him with messy desks. They are formal Gnome-Troll Guard of the Bluegrass Pines.


Arwyn has also played many seasons of Softball when he was 12 and under. His first team was the Huskers.








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What are your gaming preferences?

I like shooters, RPGs, and Adventure.


Which games do you like?

World of Warcraft, Starcraft, Pokemon, Undertale, Final Fantasy, Shark Attack, Thing-Thing, Bendy and the Ink Machine, Sonic, Five Nights at Freddys, Cuphead and Wadanohara and the Great Blue Sea.


Do you do more than just furry art?

Yes but I have always found myself having more of an interest in drawing animals, whether it be on hind legs or on all fours.


What books do you read?

White Fang, Odd Thomas, Warriors, The Pride of Chanur, and Wings of Fire.


What music do you like?


Techno, Electronic, Breakcore, Gabbercore, Speedcore, Industrial, Future Bass, Electro-Jazz, Rave, and Chiptune. (And a select amount of Rap. >_>)


Any favorite music artists?

Yes, a very select few. Lapfox Trax, JIKONU, Underworld, Prodigy, 4LUNG, Nine Inch Nails and ♥ GOJII ♥.


Specific favorites?

Yes, Bolt (the dog), cats, dragons, tigers,  Francis (from Felidae) and Sans.