FUR: is up to you! I will double check with you what colors you want and confirm with you what colors you think would look good

PAWPADS: Pawpads are foam and a layer of either faux leather or fleece

CLAWS/TEETH: Clay and hand molded

HEAD: Foam base w/o baraclava

TAIL: Hand stitched w/ stuffing inside

PAWS: I'll need your hand size, I build up from gloves

EYES: Mesh with a black foamy outside. Follow me eyes. Colored with marker. (Picture shown colored with color pencil - do not expect that.)



-Hand size

-Tail Length

-A proper reference of your character

-Specifications of what species your character is & an idea of the species anatomy & a comparison to an already existing irl species*

*This will judge whether or not I modify the foam base I'll be using

-Specify toony or realism


Things I CANNOT do:

-Make space in the head for glasses

-Fursuit feet (in the works!)


-Moveable Jaw (in the works!)


PRICE: $600-$800 ( Will go up depending on complexity of character)

Will take 1-3 months to make. Please tell me if you have an event in the near future ahead of time!



Fursuit badge $27





































Fursona reference $42



















































































































































































If you are considering commissions and you only want a fursona reference sheet or fursona badge then please specify that!

NOTE: I USE FOAM HEAD BASES FROM DREAMVISION, IF YOU WANT IT HAND DONE FROM BOTTOM TO TOP, PLEASE SPECIFY THAT. (Examples of hand done ones are in the pictures from the beginning.)